Philm turns boring selfies into works of art

Philm turns boring selfies into works of art

Ever wanted an app to paint you like one of its French girls? No? When you see what Philm can do, you will!

What is it?

Philm is a photo-editing app which modifies your photos and videos to look like different kinds of artwork — kind of like Prisma. The series of filters available are an art lover’s dream.

Want a selfie that looks like a Van Gogh painting? Easy! Want your dog to look like a comic book character? Simple. Want to make your daughter’s ballet class look like an actual Degas painting? You can do that, too!

The app also has a variety of tracking stickers, meaning that stickers you add to a photo or video will track the subject. So if you put a heart sticker to your dog’s head in a video of them running around, the app will target your dog and the sticker will follow them.

Why do you need this?

Look at it! Who wouldn’t want to look like they just stepped out of a painting? There are already Instagram filters which make your selfies look like old-timey sepia photos, so this seems like the logical progression of nostalgic selfies.

Also, the variety of art filters and stickers is too fun, and no one should ever pass up the chance to make their boring selfies look more interesting.

When is it available?

Philm is currently available globally on the App Store and Google Play.

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