It’s bloody hot. Be kind to your Deliveroo courier

It’s bloody hot. Be kind to your Deliveroo courier

In case you’ve been living in a refrigerator that’s also located under a rock, you’re probably aware that Europe is currently racked with an unprecedented heatwave. Here in London, where I’m in town for some meetings, the mercury has reached 39 degrees Celsius. That’s 102.2 degrees Fahrenheit, for our American readers.

In Paris, it’s even hotter, at over 40 degrees Celsius. Insanity.

Given the oppressive heat, you could be forgiven for not wanting to step outside of your climate-controlled houses or offices. That said, please keep in mind those gig economy workers who are working in these arduous conditions for companies like Deliveroo, UberEats, Stuart, and others.

Can you imagine what it’s like pedaling through this heat with a rucksack full of steaming-hot McDonald’s on your back? Not pleasant, I bet.

If you absolutely must order food during this weather, please remember to generously tip your driver, and offer them a glass of water when they arrive. Let them use the restroom, or catch their breath in your house, if they need to.

And when this heatwave eventually passes, maybe consider writing to your local representative for a change in the law that would let gig economy workers avoid working in extreme temperatures without taking a hit to their wallets.

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