Amazon still sells Nazi and Neo-Nazi products (despite claims otherwise)

Amazon still sells Nazi and Neo-Nazi products (despite claims otherwise)

Here we go again. The New York Times yesterday reported that Amazon had removed products from its online marketplace featuring Nazi symbols. I’ve just got one question for whoever wrote that article: What products did Amazon remove?

A quick perusal of the Amazon marketplace, as of the time of this writing, will reveal a plethora of Nazi memorabilia items, Neo-Nazi products, and more. In fact, the only items I can’t find on Amazon from our previous coverage of its hate group-related products, is the anti-Muslim baby onesie and the Christian cross with a swastika on it.

To be fair to The Times, it didn’t say Amazon removed all of its Nazi items. But it would be more accurate to say it removed only a handful of the thousands of products promoting hate groups that are sold on its website.

The absolute least the company owes its customers, shareholders, employees, and competitors is a marketplace free of objects directly associated with hate groups. Yet here are several objects being sold on its website right now that are either actual or replica Nazi products:

And, all the “Kekistan” Neo-Nazi gear is still there. In fact this flag is an “Amazon’s Choice” item.

Amazon’s Choice

If you’re not sure what a green flag with the word “kek” on it means to Neo-Nazis, here’s a link to the Southern Poverty Law Center’s explanation. And here’s a visual reference to help out the people at Amazon who don’t seem capable of policing their own storefront:

But it doesn’t stop there. Here’s a couple White Pride music CDs:

And, of course, there’s SS Waffen boots, caps, coats and belt buckles:


Amazon may very well be the internet’s best resource for Nazi gear, and it’s ridiculous that the company doesn’t seem interested in fixing that problem. I find it hard to believe that anyone with an Amazon account and some money can purchase Nazi jewelry or flags representing white surpremacy right now, but the company is feckless in its purported attempts to provide a hate-free marketplace.

Amazon responded to a recent letter sent by US Congressman Keith Ellison, who called on the company to remove items related to hate groups. In its response, Amazon said:

Since receiving your letter, we have reviewed the products and content referenced in your letter, and removed the listings that were found in violation of our policies and permanently blocked the seller accounts that were in violation of Amazon policy. We are also reviewing the seller accounts for potential suspension.

I’m not sure exactly what products Ellison and Amazon are referring to, but I do know that Amazon still sells Nazi gear. And it also has a Neo-Nazi flag recommended as an “Amazon’s Choice” item. This is unacceptable.

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