For under $30, train to be an AWS-certified Big Data expert

For under $30, train to be an AWS-certified Big Data expert

TLDR: The AWS Big Data Specialty Certification Prep Course explains everything you need to store and analyze vast data sets on the AWS platform. The training is only $29.99.

As the world’s preeminent home for web based computer systems, Amazon Web Services (AWS) brings a lot to the table. So much, in fact, that once you’ve explored and handled the core process of building and running a network on the AWS platform, you might even think you’ve covered it all.

Well…not really.

With all that processing power, you’ve probably only scratched the surface of AWS’s capabilities, like hardcore data analysis. Get a full understanding of all the tools available for handling and using large data sets with the AWS Big Data Specialty Certification Prep Course, now $29.99 (89 percent off) from TNW Deals.

This in-depth training course is perfect for those looking for a new method of working big data projects. Over 17 hours of advanced training, users will get all the background they need on the collection, storage, processing, analysis, visualization and security of big data in AWS. 

The coursework begins with a focus on S3 and DynamoDB, Amazon’s homegrown database storage and organizational tools. Armed with those basics, students will also learn how to use Kinesis, AWS’ real time data streaming service; as well as data processing tools like Elastic Map Reduce, Lambda and Glue.

Training also covers AWS’ in-house collection of data visualization resources as well, such as interactive query system Athena and QuickSight, which allows users to more easily extract insight from vast data stores and share them across your work group. 

Once you’ve finished the training, you’ll be ready with everything you need to take and pass the AWS Big Data Specialty Certification exam. And with AWS developers and big data scientists each making upwards of six figures a year, that’s a potent one-two punch on any resume.

The course is regularly a $295 package of training, but by getting in on this limited-time offer, the certification prep is available now for only $29.99.

Prices are subject to change.

The 2020 AWS Big Data Specialty Certification Prep Course – $29.99

Know Big Data for $29.99

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