This $12 Photoshop course will take you from complete newbie to savvy pro

This $12 Photoshop course will take you from complete newbie to savvy pro

TLDR: Ideal for first time users, the Photoshop Master: From Beginning to Photoshop Pro course explains it all for only $11.99.

Photoshop is an undeniable first-ballot Hall of Fame app. Its power and reach are…well, undeniable. But if you’ve never used the world’s most popular image editing software before, then opening that dashboard and seeing more controls than a 747 cockpit is enough to send nervous newbies scurrying back to their rudimentary paint app.

While it may take a little more work than point-and-click, Photoshop doesn’t have to illicit terror. The Photoshop Master: From Beginning to Photoshop Pro training, now $11.99 (over 90 percent off from TNW Deals), will hand-hold new users as they head down the path toward photo editing jedi.

The course starts with the basics, walking new users through Photoshop’s formidable set of image editing functions one by one. Even tutorials can occasionally be confusing, but this course led by Photoshop teaching vet Manfred Werner takes the time to fully explore each function on its own, then explain how to start using all those abilities together.

That paves the way to the Photoshop portrait retouching part of the course, where students take their training up a notch to tackle more advanced techniques. From lighting adjustments to fixing sunglass reflections to handling always tricky hair retouching, students can put all their new found skills toward fixing common photo issues just like the pros.

The 41-lecture, 4-hour training package is usually $200, but with this limited-time offer, it’s all available for only $11.99.

Prices are subject to change.

Photoshop Master: From Beginner to Photoshop Pro – $11.99

Be a Photoshop Pro for $11.99

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