Can’t figure out Photoshop? Let Luminar 3 edit your images for you

Can’t figure out Photoshop? Let Luminar 3 edit your images for you

TLDR: Luminar 3 is award-winning photo editing software that uses AI to instantly improve your pictures. And now, it’s 57% off.

Image editing software generally falls into two categories. There are apps that can handle basic crops, broad brush color readjustments — and not much else; or, apps dripping with so many features they could practically launch a NASA rocket test — and require almost as much training.

For a vast majority of photo editing projects, the user’s needs are very likely somewhere in between. Luminar 3 is award-winning photo editing software that splits the difference between ultra-functional and intuitively simple for occasional users. Right now, you can get a full taste of everything Luminar 3 has to offer with this limited-time offer for a lifetime of service at just $29, over half off the regular price, from TNW Deals.

If you want to know why Luminar 3 was named the Best Photo Editing Software of 2019 by EISA (Expert Imaging and Sound Association), look no further than the AI enhancements that make many image adjustments click-and-drag easy.

With Accent AI 2.0, a single slider uses artificial intelligence to assess the tone, depth, detail, exposure, color and contrast of your image, then make adjustments to clean up any mistakes. You can make skin tones match, smooth out contrasts in highlights and shadows and perform a bunch of other basic image fixes, all with a couple of clicks.

Of course, you’ve still got a host of easy to use manual image controls to erase unwanted elements, enhance sharpness and clarity, get rid of digital noise, add layers and masks or use any of dozens of unique filters like the AI Sky Enhancer, Sunrays, top and bottom lighting and more.

Everything you need to salvage a botched shot or turn a so-so picture into a masterpiece is at your fingertips with Luminar 3, a $69 value now $40 off at just $29 while this offer lasts.

Prices subject to change.

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