Launch a lucrative data career with these programming courses

Launch a lucrative data career with these programming courses

TLDR: If you want to learn Python programming, MySQL or R programming, these all-inclusive bootcamp training packages are right up your alley.

It’s 2019, and data is kind of a big deal. From the recommendations you get on Spotify to the ads Facebook decides to serve you in your feed, data informs much of what you interact with on a daily basis, and unsurprisingly, the jobs that collect, analyze, and put this data to use pay big.

So, if you’re itching to break the six-figure mark on your annual salary but don’t know where to start, looking to a big data career isn’t a bad move, especially when training in dirt cheap. Whether you want to learn Python programming, database practices or a stat-heavy discipline like R programming, these training course bundles are all available now at over 90 percent off their regular price from TNW Deals. Plus, you can save an extra 75% through the month of October when you use the LEARN75 code at checkout.

The Complete Python Certification Bootcamp Bundle

If you want to learn Python online, The Complete Python Certification Bootcamp Bundle is a comprehensive introduction to this powerful language. The package includes 12 courses gathering over 85 hours of training, covering every aspect of Python programming. 

Python has become something of a staple in the world of data, acting as one of the primary tools for machine learning applications. This collection covers Python’s data-driven applications as well as its other use-cases like game development. It features basic introductions for first-time users before diving deep into advanced concepts used by Python experts. From data visualization to cybersecurity to deep learning, this bootcamp approach will get you up to speed using real world examples and exercises to test your skills.

Buy Now: $34.99 (98% off) // $8.75 with LEARN75

The Complete MySQL Bootcamp

With our ever-increasing avalanche of information, database construction and maintenance become a more critical skill every day. With The Complete MySQL Bootcamp, students learn how to use the world’s most popular open-source SQL database language to solve fundamental data problems.

This package introduces basic syntax, queries and other key database functions, while eventually helping you design and develop your own database configurations, build cool web apps using PHP and even create the data structure to build your own social networking site.

Buy Now: $8.99 (95% off)

The Complete Introduction to R Programming Bundle

Meanwhile, for the hardcore stat nerds out there, there’s no programming language more geared to your interests than R. With The Complete Introduction to R Programming Bundle, you’ll get five courses and three e-books dedicated to helping you understand high-end statistical analysis — and how to do it yourself.

This instruction starts with core R concepts like variables, vectors, arrays, loops, and matrices, then branches out into advanced areas like data visualization, interactive graphing, data mining, machine learning and more.

Buy Now: $34.99 (98% off) // $8.75 with LEARN75

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