We want to give you $500 worth of cryptocurrency for free

We want to give you $500 worth of cryptocurrency for free

What’s the only thing cooler than winning a prize worth $500? When the value of that prize could actually end up being significantly more than $500. And that’s what’s on the table right now if you win the $500 of Ethereum Giveaway.

Instead of taking home a new iPad or a set of steak knives of any other fun prize being offered, an entry in this sweepstakes will ultimately land one lucky winner $500 in the valuable Ethereum cryptocurrency.

What’s Ethereum, you ask? While Ether is a coin-based digital currency like the more popular Bitcoin, it’s a lot more than a simple unit of cyber transactions. Ethereum is actually tied to the blockchaining process itself, the one that generates Bitcoin and almost all other cybercurrencies.

So while Bitcoin values can rise or fall based on volatile market whims, Ethereum is tied into the exploding blockchaining technology itself, making it a financial “safer” play and ultimately one of the most secure cybercurrencies around.

And did we mention a single Ethereum coin rose in value by over $1,000 in 2017? With Ethereum’s rosy future outlook, there’s a good chance that your $500 Ethereum prize could end up being worth significantly more than $500 within months of your windfall.

That’s all a roundabout way of saying this is definitely a sweepstakes that’s worth the 30 seconds it’ll take you to enter.

How do you win? Just complete the entry form and enter your name in the giveaway, then be the lucky, lucky man or woman favored by fate. You can help coerce the odds in your favor by earning an extra entry if you share the giveaway page, and get a friend 21 or older to enter as well.

Don’t wait…registration ends June 18.

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