You can attain Excel mastery with Microsoft Office Specialist Certification — and it only costs $15

microsoft office specialist

Taken on their own, spreadsheets don’t seem inherently exciting. However, it’s hard to overstate the impact of a well-presented Excel document… an impact you’ll be able to make after going through this Microsoft Office Specialist Excel Certification course bundle. Right now, you can pick up this twin-pack of Excel goodness for just $15 from TNW Deals.

Spreadsheets tell the story of a business’ past — and can chart a path to its future. Learn how to tell that story with Excel for Beginners, your comprehensive overview of working with Excel. Through 55 hands-on tutorials and more than seven hours of instruction, you’ll be introduced to the terminology, mechanics, and helpful tips that will make you Excel-proficient.

From there, you’ll move on to Excel Advanced, another 33 tutorials that’ll take your Excel education to the next level. Learn how to manage and automate workbooks, create custom formats, and uncover all the tricks for using Excel like a pro. You’ll also be preparing to pass the Microsoft Office Specialist exam — a badge that will prove your mastery to employers everywhere.

These courses usually cost about $2,000 each, but you can pick up both classes at a rock-bottom price of only $15 while this offer lasts from TNW Deals.

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