Instantly digitalize your creations with Equil Digital and Ink Smartpen 2

Equil Digital & Ink Smartpen

Studies have shown that taking notes on a laptop doesn’t result in nearly as much retention as you would when taking notes by hand.

Sometimes you want a touch more personal than a keyboard, and Equil Digital and Ink Smartpen 2 brings both worlds together for total convenience.

Now you can use Equil to seamlessly create, capture, edit and share your ideas from paper to digital, with a $50 SmartMarker coupon bonus, all for 31 percent off from TNW Deals.

With Equil, you’re able to write or draw on any paper and watch your work appear on your Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows devices, with seamless accessibility.

Save and sync to Dropbox, Evernote, and iCloud for full immersion in your digital ecosystem.

The Equil’s smart stylus reads notes written on just about anything you can picture yourself working on – a Post-It, a legal pad, a Moleskine, even a piece of random scrap paper.

Choose from a spectrum of colors and pen tips, and add text and photos to digitally enhance your notes. Save, organize, and tag your notes according to your needs, setting you up for optimum productivity.

If you’re a ballpoint soul in a digital world, the Equil Digital and Ink Smartpen 2 is your perfect crossover solution.

With a bonus $50 SmartMarker Coupon for taking your digital accessibility to even greater heights, this offer is your total package for multimedia creative flexibility.

Pick it up today and revolutionize your creative workflow for $129.95 from TNW Deals.

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