Learn to build Internet of Things apps with the Wio Link Kit & online learning bundle

Learn to build Internet of Things apps with the Wio Link Kit & online learning bundle

The Internet of Things is gaining momentum, as increased machine-to-machine communications enable mobile, virtual, and instantaneous connections in the cloud and across networks.

Soon enough, the IoT will seamlessly integrate into our lives, making virtually everything we encounter “smart”.

That’s why there’s no better time to learn just what makes the IoT tick, with the ability to build an Internet of Things app in no time – with no coding or electronics experience needed!

The four-course collection offered in the Complete Wio Link Kit & Online Learning Bundle will give you all the necessary tools and know-how to build IoT apps in short order.

Currently 75 percent off on TNW Deals, this bundle will show you the ropes of the Wio Link board, allowing developers of any skill level to build with no hardware programming, breadboard, jumper wires or soldering.

You’ll learn how to send instructions to your devices over your network, before moving on to the basics of programming through Node.js, a platform built on Chrome’s JavaScript runtime.

You’ll also learn to connect to the Rest API to communicate with your board in Python, as you grasp the basics of Python 3.x – the newest version of this powerful coding language.

Lastly, you’ll gain fluency in JavaScript fundamentals, essential languages for Web development and testing, as well as mobile apps.

Courses include:

  • Wio Link Deluxe Kit – $119 Value
  • Build a Network Application with Node – $85 Value
  • Learn Python 3 from Scratch – $99 Value
  • Javascript – A Complete Guide – $99 Value

Get in on the ground floor of IoT app development today with the Complete Wio Link Kit & Online Learning Bundle, now just $99 on TNW Deals.

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