Refocus after you shoot with 59% off the Lytro Camera

Refocus after you shoot with 59% off the Lytro Camera

The Lytro is an incredible leap in photography innovation. By capturing the direction of light, it allows the photographer to focus an image on a variety of focal points after the shot is taken, allowing the viewer explore the scene in 3D.

When you shoot with any regular camera or phone, a blurry photo is generally incurable, as the 2D sensor simply records the image coming through the lens. In contrast, the Lytro records both the intensity and angle from which the light arrives, meaning the camera can reconstruct various portions of the photo in sharp focus.

For creative photographers, the Lytro gives unprecedented depth to whatever you point it at. It is also perfectly compact, weighing only 7.6 ounces and measuring 4.4 inches long.

TNW Deals currently has the first generation 16GB Lytro for $79.99 with free shipping. The deal takes 59 percent off the regular price of this neat point-and-shoot camera. This deal ships to the continental US only.

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