TNW’s Big Spam: CHEGH-chew jaj-VAM jaj-KAK… we mean it…

TNW’s Big Spam: CHEGH-chew jaj-VAM jaj-KAK… we mean it…

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Top trending tech news:

💍 This jewelry site leaked personal info of 1.3M users (TNW)
 YouTube prankster was jailed for shooting boyfriend dead (BBC)
🇬🇧 Facebook-WhatsApp data plan was blocked in the UK (

What we’re talking about:

This guy’s million dollar crypto-trading fuck-ups will make you cringe.

I can’t wait for cities to start banning human drivers.

Here’s how to work in IT and still have a social life… nerds.

Drake, Travis Scott, NFL player Juju Smith-Schuster, and Ninja all played Fortnite together and live-streamed it on Twitch and the internet freaked out.

PANIC!!! Duolingo revealed a long-awaited Klingon course.

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