This article was published on December 2, 2010

Zuckerberg returns to 60 Minutes this Sunday

Zuckerberg returns to 60 Minutes this Sunday

It’s been a couple of years since Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was first interviewed on 60 Minutes. At the time, Facebook had 400 employees, the Facebook Beacon had just launched and Facebook was still having to justify itself as a viable, sustainable business.

Oh how times have changed.

In the two years that have followed, Facebook has become the top seed in the challenge to Google, it has stolen (acquired?) talent from around the Valley and it has proven itself to be a juggernaut of a service that simply can’t do enough wrong to be damaging.

Now, Zuckerberg will return to TV, this Sunday. It’s time for another session on 60 Minutes and we’re guessing that the questions will be considerably different this time around. Kara Swisher, from All Things Digital, will return and rumor has it that she’ll be reneging her title of “Toddler CEO” from Zuck.

What points will be made? What questions will be asked? We’ll all have to wait until Sunday, but you can bet that TNW will fill you in just in case you miss the sordid details.