This article was published on January 6, 2012

WordPress doubles paid storage space for customers, for free

WordPress doubles paid storage space for customers, for free

WordPress bloggers that utilise the company’s paid have been given a new year present after the company decided to double the amount of storage available to users that order additional hosting on its servers.

Announcing the upgrades on its official blog, WordPress has upgraded the existing 5GB, 15GB, 25GB, 50GB and 100GB packages and has doubled them, for no extra cost. still provides users with 3GB of free storage, but requires users to order an upgrade to upload audio or music files.

Now, the price and storage is as follows:

  • 10GB Space Upgrade: $19.97
  • 25GB Space Upgrade: $49.97
  • 50GB Space Upgrade: $89.97
  • 100GB Space Upgrade: $159.97
  • 200GB Space Upgrade: $289.97

For users that have already upgraded their accounts, WordPress has already updated the available space within dashboards. Accounts remain unaffected by bandwidth limits.

WordPress has also lifted the restriction that limited private blogs to 35 users, allowing blog owners to add as many authorised users as they wish from their dashboard.

It’s a small, but welcome, storage boost for users that run bigger blogs and upload larger numbers of images, audio and documents. The service has more than 25 million users and last year began providing its users with the ability to run advertisements on their blogs with WordAds, the result of its partnership with Federated Media.