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This article was published on September 15, 2020

With Jamstik, you can learn to play guitar without a guitar or anyone hearing you

With Jamstik, you can learn to play guitar without a guitar or anyone hearing you
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Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web. Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web.

TLDR: The Jamstik Guitar Trainer is an innovative technique for learning to play, including the high-tech Jamstik and its all-powerful teaching app.

From Chuck Berry and Chet Atkins to Richards, Hendrix and Clapton to Tom Morello, St. Vincent and Jack White, you’ve seen one of those guitar gods strut across the world and thought that that would be the best life ever. 

While all those music legends have an undeniable package of talents, it all stems from the power of the guitar. Know how to play — and play it well — and you earn respect as both an artist and as an incredibly cool dude.

There are any number of methods for learning how to make a six-string talk, but few pack quite the innovation or ingenuity of the Jamstik Guitar Trainer. Right now, you can save $30 off the price of this impactful guitar training system, now just $199 from TNW Deals.

At first glance, the Jamstik resembles one of those old Guitar Hero-style guitar toys, but don’t be fooled. This is no toy. Rather than finding a teacher and taking lessons, the Jamstik puts a guitar and easy-to-follow system directly into your hands — and starts teaching you how to shred.

Even though it’s only 18 inches long, the Jamstik feels like the real thing. It’s been upgraded with the 2020 edition, now sporting an updated tactile d-pad, a matte finish, and spring-loaded strings for a more realistic feel.

Once you sync your Jamstik with your iPhone, iPad, Mac or Google Chrome device, all your sound is filtered through your phone or tablet as you start automated lessons through the Jamstik app.

With the app, you can watch your fingers touch the strings in real time, as light beams sense your finger positioning and even how much pressure you’re applying as they reproduce the sound you’d be making on an actual guitar. Within a few minutes, Jamstik will have you playing your first chords — then it’s off you go.

At its size, the Jamstik is amazingly portable, allowing you to pick up and practice from virtually anywhere. Once you’re plugged in with a pair of headphones, you can practice and play at any time, even sitting on the couch surrounded by family or friends. Practice time isn’t just an hour a week. With Jamstik, it’s anytime.

Jamstik is also compatible with loads of music learning and music creation software, so even experienced players can use the Jamstik as part of their home studio process.

Regularly $229, save $30 off the price of the Jamstik Guitar Trainer now and get one for $199

Prices are subject to change.

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