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This article was published on November 2, 2009

Has Paypal finally found a way to cater to web services?

Has Paypal finally found a way to cater to web services?
Arjen Schat
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Arjen Schat

Picture 4This week Paypal organizes its first developers conference for their new PayPal X Platform. It takes place on November 3 & 4 in San Francisco. We will be there.

Although Paypal is the most popular online payment platform today, it is not well suited for the growing number of online services that charge a monthly fee.

The current solution that Paypal provides is fairly limited. Basic functionality, like changing the service fee directly from the service upgrade page, is just not there. Every time a customer wants to upgrade or downgrade they need to re-enter credit card information.

Another problem is the lack of seller protection. If you can’t provide a shipping tracking id, any customer can ask for a refund. Even months after the service is paid for and provided. Last month when I found myself in this exact position all paypal did was suggest I’d take my claim to small claims court. For $ 50? I don’t think so.

Hopefully this will change with their new platform.

We will be attending most of the business development sessions at the PayPal X Platform conferences  (and have planned  a few inteviews with Paypal executives) to find out if the payments service is finally suited for your standard freemium based services.