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This article was published on April 9, 2020

Who needs a copywriter? Email Skript writes all your marketing emails for you.

Who needs a copywriter? Email Skript writes all your marketing emails for you.
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TLDR: Email Skript will write all your email marketing copy for you, crafting effective sales text that engages customers without costing you hours of time.

Email marketing is trickier than it seems. Anyone can cultivate or acquire an email list, but what exactly do you send to those addresses that will prompt them to consider your details and actually click the button to accept your offer?

Do you have a cliffhanger in your subject line? Is your preheader as engaging as your subject line? Did you include informative links or appropriate calls to action? And those are just a few of the presentation questions worth considering before you hit send.

That’s where you usually need a skilled copywriter in play — and frankly, a lot of digital entrepreneurs just don’t have that gear in their personal toolbox.

But with Email Skript, you don’t need a copywriter to craft smart, effective email text without slaving over copy for hours. Right now, a lifetime subscription to Email Skript’s services are over 90 percent off, just $39.99 from TNW Deals.

Email Skript streamlines the entire process of writing a marketing email. Just answer a few quick questions about the product you’re trying to sell and the tone of your mailing and Email Skript does all the rest, crafting an entire marketing email script in a matter of seconds. 

From product launch emails to affiliate marketing, from webinar announcements to re-engagement efforts, Email Skript crafts a solid piece of email marketing to help convert your customers. It even lets you decide whether you want to unleash a brassy, aggressive sales attack or take a more restrained, softer stance in engaging with recipients. It’s all up to you.

If you aren’t a fan of the final product, just hit the button again and Email Skript will take another run at your email in a completely different writing style.  

Of course, you’re still free to go in and make tweaks, additions and other changes to optimize your contact. But now that all the heavy lifting of the actual scripting is done, making all those final touches means the process still likely lasts less than 5 minutes.

A lifetime of Email Skript access is a nearly $1,500 value, so get in on this offer now to get full use of their services forever for only $39.99.

Prices are subject to change.