This article was published on October 20, 2014

What’s on your home screen? Checking in with HowAboutWe co-founder Aaron Schildkrout

What’s on your home screen? Checking in with HowAboutWe co-founder Aaron Schildkrout

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Online dating isn’t easy. Finding a match, and getting said match to go out on a date is tough enough. Then figuring out what to do? So much pressure!

HowAboutWe, a New York City online dating service, launched in 2010, to solve this very problem. Aiming to take the initial friction out of date planning, founders Aaron Schildkrout and Brian Schechter have since helped millions of people find love online.

The site is free to use and includes a subscription-based, upgraded service starting at $8 per month. Backed by investors RRE Ventures, Founder Collective, and Khosla Ventures, the startup has raised $23 million to date and has launched and purchased several online media properties such as

In July of this year, online dating corporation IAC acquired parts of HowAboutWe, adding the Brooklyn-based company to its growing roster of digital dating startups like, OkCupid and Tinder.

We caught up with HowAboutWe co-founder Aaron Schildkrout to find out what’s on his home screen, giving us a sneak peek at the habits of the newly exited entrepreneur.


1. First, why no folders?

I use folders after my third screen, but on the first three screens I like a clean, one-tap organization.

2. How has using Wallet improved (or not improved) your day to day?

When it works, I love Square‘s Wallet app. I use it mostly to buy coffee. And coffee makes me productive and a bit melancholy (in a happy way).

3. Why Rdio over Spotify?

I prefer Rdio‘s design. Historically, I preferred their treatment of albums. Plus, the friends I share music with are mostly on Rdio. And I am a loyalist.

That said, Spotify, Soundcloud, and the iTunes Music App are all on my second or third screens.

4. Who’s on the other end of You&Me?

Someone wonderful.

5. How often do you use WorkFlowy? How does it compare to other PM tools like Trello and Basecamp?

I use Workflowy multiple times daily. It’s dead simple: collapsible, collaborative to-do lists. Email is my primary to-do list.

Workflowy is my secondary one. I use it over more complex tools precisely because of its simplicity. It’s the only app I’m glad is ugly. I don’t want bells and whistles.

6. Of all the apps on your homescreen, which one has had the biggest impact on how you run your business?

Leaving email, Safari, Gchat, and iMessage aside…I’d have to say the Equinox app! Gotta stay healthy and clear.

7. What’s the first and last app you check every day?

I charge my phone at night outside my bedroom so that when I wake up and go to sleep I don’t do so with a bright phone in my face. But when I do get to my phone in the AM: email; I like to get to inbox zero before leaving the house every day. And at night: Calendar to see what tomorrow will hold.

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