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This article was published on November 27, 2009

The Next Web’s Weekly Recap

The Next Web’s Weekly Recap
Mike Bracco
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Mike Bracco

Mike is passionate about the web and the startup companies building the Social Media technologies of tomorrow. Connect on Twitter (@bracc Mike is passionate about the web and the startup companies building the Social Media technologies of tomorrow. Connect on Twitter (@bracco) and check out his personal site ( for more information.

The Next Web's Weekly RecapWelcome to The Next Web’s Weekly Recap.

This week’s news was headlined by the debate over in-tweet advertising on Twitter. After Twitter COO announced that their ad platform would be unveiled soon, many argued over the viability of the in-tweet advertising model. The other big news of the week was Google continuing their shopping spree by buying display ad company Teracent.

tweet_adTwitter Ads
A big debate this week started after Twitter COO Dick Costolo revealed information about their upcoming advertising model while giving an interview at TechCrunch’s RealTime CrunchUp in San Francisco. While Costolo didn’t reveal too much information, he did say that “It will be fascinating. Non-traditional. And people will love it… It’s going to be really cool.” These comments started a debate in the blogosphere about in-tweet advertising on Twitter. Like them or hate them, Twitter users with high follower counts are already raking in money using third-party ad platforms built on Twitter. For well articulated arguments on both sides of the issue I recommend reading Robert Scoble’s post (against in-tweet ads) and Mark Suster’s post (for in-tweet ads).

twitter_logoTwitter Pay Accounts
It was announced this week that Twitter would begin to add pay accounts to its service in Japan. This differs from the “Corporate Accounts” that Biz Stone announced would be coming before the end of the year on Under what Biz Stone described, corporations and individuals would be able to pay Twitter for advanced features (analytics etc..). With Twitter’s Japanese site, accounts will now have the option to charge their followers to receive their tweets. The user charging for their tweets could either setup payment by a monthly subscription or charge on a per tweet basis. Twitter’s partner in Japan, Digital Garage, would take a 30% cut. Serkan Toto, who is based in Japan, offers an explanation of why this subscription model will likely work in Japan. Personally, I believe the subscription model of charging users to receive tweets would work on as well. I would be surprised if both the pay account model as well as premium corporate accounts are not both up and running by mid-2010.

google_logoGoogle Continues Shopping Spree
There was a lot of miscellaneous Google News this week but the biggest piece of news was the announcement that they had acquired the display advertising company Teracent. This comes just a couple weeks after they announced they had acquired the mobile advertiser AdMob. In related advertising news, Google announced a partnership with TiVo to provide Google with viewing analytics of TiVo users.

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