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This article was published on May 18, 2015

    Watch now: The golden age of marketing software

    Eva Novotna
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    Eva Novotna

    Eva Novotna is TNW’s video platform editor and part of our marketing team. Eva Novotna is TNW’s video platform editor and part of our marketing team.

    He who controls the software controls the marketing.

    Scott Brinker, blogger and CTO of ION Interactive,  thinks that the split between IT and marketing is completely gone, the two have become inseparable. Marketing has more software available to it today than any other business function in the history of computing, he says.

    Brinker, interested in this change, spent past few years mapping the landscape of marketing software companies and he tried to categorize them into 43 different groups.

    We’ve just added Scott Brinker’s talk from the TNW Europe Conference 2014 to our TNW Video site and you can watch it right now for free

    Software is now how marketers find and contact their prospects and customers.  Their choice of software alters the way they see the world. Analytics software changes their perception, social media software influences their engagement strategy, and marketing automation software transforms the structure of their campaigns.

    What’s more, the internet is changing the structure of companies. 81 percent of large firms now have a chief marketing technologist role and marketing and IT departments are merging. It’s about more than just getting IT and marketing to work together. It’s about marketing natively harnessing code and data to deliver world-class customer experiences, because the distance between communications and customer experience has collapsed to a click.

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