This article was published on November 28, 2018

Want your website stats to soar in 2019? Here are four options to consider

Want your website stats to soar in 2019? Here are four options to consider
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Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web. Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web.

Congratulations, you built a website. That’s a big moment. But while it’s a huge accomplishment, it’s really only the first step up a pretty formidable mountain. Because now, the questions truly begin. Who’s coming to the site? How did they find their way to you? What are they looking for? And how do you make sure that once you’ve got their attention, you can turn that user into a recurring guest? Or better yet, a paying customer?

Lots of questions. Thankfully, we’ve pulled together four deals on tools that can go a long way to answering those questions for you. Each of these options is available for a limited time at up over 90 percent off, saving you hundreds off the retail price. Load up now…because building smarter seldom comes at this low a cost.

The Ultimate Guide To Google AdWords 2018$12.99 (93% off)

Google leads over 90 percent of web users to their destination. This guide to advertising via Google AdWords can help turn the world’s search leader’s users your way. With 70 lectures and 18 hours of instruction, you’ll develop methods for creating campaigns, finding keywords that work, tracking sales fully optimizing your AdWords spend. Get it for the cost of a large pizza, just $12.99 right now.

Onpage Hero SEO: Lifetime License $24.99 (89% off)

Google Analytics is good, but if you want to truly dig deep into site traffic, Onpage Hero will take you down into the Search Engine Optimization nitty-gritty. Onpage Hero helps you pin down the SEO factors that’ll boost your search rankings, then tracks their performance on up to 20 different metrics. With life monitoring data, customized reports and a user-friendly interface, you’ll have full SEO drill-downs for life at almost 90 percent off.

The Complete SEO & Backlink Master Course$10.99 (88% off)

If you don’t know backlinking…well, you should. This course, headed up by proved SEO guru Zach Miller, lays out a strategy for linking out to quality partners that’ll show immediate site traffic results. There’s even tactics here to use email marketing to drive up your reach and conversion rates. With this holiday offer, you can get the entire learning package for only $10.99.

SEOPop Pro: Lifetime Subscription$24.99 (83% off)

SEOPop lives for one mission: to push your search ranking into the top 3 of Google search results. With SEOPop, you’ll get a full scale SEO report card, featuring an in-depth audit of any page or site. It’ll spot SEO mistakes, evaluate how your content is doing socially on Facebook and Twitter, even analyze your site’s mobile performance and page speed to find avenues for improvement. For a lifetime subscription, $24.99 could be all that’s standing between your site and a killer Google ranking.

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