This article was published on June 13, 2013

Vizify joins forces with Twitter, now you can create an instant ‘movie trailer’ bio in no time at all

Vizify joins forces with Twitter, now you can create an instant ‘movie trailer’ bio in no time at all

Vizify, a data driven graphical biography service, has partnered with Twitter to roll out a new feature that allows you to create a short video biography automatically using data from your Twitter account.

The new #FollowMe feature uses info from a user’s Twitter bio and analyzes things like top tweets, photos, Vine videos and the number of followers someone has to create the personalized bio. It also analyzes, and shows, the times you tweet most frequently.

To get a little specific, the service looks at the last 3,200 most recent tweets and up to the 800 most recent mentions and replies for any particular user.

However, a video with no sound would be no fun at all, so Vizify has partnered with Friendly Music (the parent company of which is Rumblefish) to use a selection of 30 hand-picked tracks in order to really bring the bios to life.

“We think there’s a powerful complement between Vizify & Twitter’s respective missions: Twitter helps you connect to what’s most important to you; Vizify helps people connect with what’s most important about you,” Todd Silverstein, CEO and co-founder of Vizify, said.

You can see my video below.

Of course, while the whole process is almost all automated – you pretty much only have to authorize Vizify for access to your Twitter account and off it goes – you can still make the final tweaks and give the go-ahead on the finished video.


If, for example, you’d rather not have that picture included in your bio you can go in and manually remove it, or if you want to add in new scenes you can do that too. The accompanying audio track can also be swapped out for a different pre-selected option instead.

Once you’re happy with the finished result, Vizify asks if you want to tweet it or thank the Top Followers mentioned in the video and then takes you on to see your video on your Vizify page.

Vizify envisages the video bios being used everywhere you’d normally use a regular bio, so expect to see them popping up around Twitter (which also show the #FollowMe bios directly in the timeline thanks to its Twitter Cards integration) and LinkedIn if Vizify is correct.

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