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This article was published on March 8, 2012

Visibli’s new premium service gives brands detailed insight into Twitter follower interests

Visibli’s new premium service gives brands detailed insight into Twitter follower interests

Social media has become an integral part of just about any brand’s marketing plan, but one of the major difficulties that continues to plague marketeers is how to measure its ROI.

It’s easy to throw around follower counts, but it’s much harder to measure the statistics that really matter – like virality, engagement and influence. We’ve taken a look at a whole array of tools that aim to shed a little light on whether or not your social media campaign is working, and a new one to add to the list comes courtesy of social analytics service Visibli.

Follower Intelligence gives users detailed insight into their audience. Details include what followers are interested in, what they’re talking about, who among them is the most influential or engaged, and in turn, who influences them.

Competitor Intelligence offers exactly the same data, but instead it gives insight into the followers of a competitive brand. Follower and Competitor Intelligence are both paid services, and they don’t come cheap, starting at $499 and $999 respectively.

Visibli’s services have the potential to give you you the ability to tailor your content, making sure it will attract the attention of your followers.

The services will let you know what percentage of followers are interested in technology, news and politics, movies and TV, music, sports and recreation, health and beauty, entertainment, books, food and drink, and shopping.

Both services also give insight into the top links shared by Twitter users, the top domains, and trending links. When it comes to specific links, you can see exactly which stories followers are sharing, regardless of the source, as well as the number of hits the links have received.The services also provide a tag cloud for each topic, featuring the buzzwords tweeps are using.

You can also see who the most engaged and influential followers are, with the ability to drill down and find out which followers are the most influential on certain topics. According to Visibli, Ryan Seacrest and Tyra Banks are influential on the topic of technology. Who knew?

Visibli has also launched a free tool which anyone can use. It allows you to look at the social engagement of up to three brands at the same time, analyzing 14 days or 400 statuses worth of data on either Twitter or Facebook.

You can find out more about how many posts each brand makes, how many likes, shares, and comments they receive, and the overall amount of engagement per post or per capita.

Other details you can find out for free about your own social media presence, or that of your competitors, include your top 3 most engaged followers and top links – in other words – the links that have received the most retweets or likes.

Saif Ajani, co-founder of Visibli, told The Next Web a little bit more about how the service can be used, “Brands would use this to share better content, segment and target followers, and also decide where to focus their digital spend, since we tell them what sites their followers share content from.”

Visibli is slowly rolling out access to the new features, and you can request access here.