This article was published on September 2, 2011

The best new social media analytics tools of the year (so far)

The best new social media analytics tools of the year (so far)

This is the eleventh of a weekly series, in which every week, we look at five social media tools and platforms that have created some buzz over the last week. But with two thirds of the year under our belts, it makes sense to start looking back a bit.

For this edition, we’re going to take a look at the best new social media analytics and insight tools of 2011.

Here are the ones that have stood out for us this year (so far):

  1. – Facebook fan page insights and analytics on steroids.
  2. – One of the most comprehensive social media planning and monitoring tools ever released.
  3. – Not a classic analytics tool, but it does give you a snapshot of online buzz relating to selected keywords.
  4. – Have you ever wanted to get an idea of how a competitor’s website is performing? Well, now you can thanks to
  5. – This helps you aggregate all of your social media performance data in the one place.
  6. – is a URL shortener (like but packs in real-time sharing and usage stats into the mix. Very handy.
  7. Tweeb – an app for your iPhone that delivers bespoke Twitter analytics.
  8. – Treat yourself to a free social media competitor analysis here.
  9. – This is an engagement dashboard which has some serious analytics capabilities built in.
  10. Social Tracking Plugin from Google – Google has gone social in a big way in 2011 and this handy plugin works well alongside your standard analytics reporting.

So, there you go!

Featured image: Shutterstock/idreamphoto

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