This article was published on June 28, 2013

Vine for Android updated with front-facing camera support, new upload manager, and speed improvements

Vine for Android updated with front-facing camera support, new upload manager, and speed improvements

Twitter today updated Vine for Android and finally added front-facing camera support. You can download the new version now directly from Google Play.

Twitter actually updated Vine for Android late last week, adding search for users and hashtags, sharing to Facebook, and various other improvements. Yet everyone wanted to know when front-facing camera support would arrive, and now the company has finally delivered, just six days later.

As Twitter puts it, selfies are now a go:

Other than that, Vine for Android has also gotten some speed improvements, in the app as a whole and around camera loading time. More devices are now also supported (though Twitter wouldn’t say which ones), there’s a new upload manager for unsubmitted posts, and settings have been improved in some mysterious way.

The full Vine 1.2.0 for Android changelog is as follows:

  • Front-facing camera.
  • New upload manager for unsubmitted posts.
  • Improvements to settings.
  • Improvements to camera loading time and support for more devices.
  • Speed improvements overall.
  • Bug fixes and UI improvements.

Twitter launched Vine on Android earlier this month and the speed of updates has been very impressive (two in less than two weeks). The app for Google’s mobile platform is finally catching up to its iOS counterpart, which was released in January and received front-facing camera support at the end of April.

Twitter is of course ramping up its efforts to fight off Facebook, which only recently added video support to Instagram on Android and iOS. That’s a tough battle given that Instagram has a userbase 10-times greater than that of Vine’s.

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