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This article was published on January 26, 2012

Vice President Joe Biden set to do his first ever Twitter interview tomorrow

Vice President Joe Biden set to do his first ever Twitter interview tomorrow Image by: The White House

The White House has cranked up its social media activity since Obama was elected president (following his campaign that used it extensively), with yesterday’s State of the Union address being the most interactive ever. It was streamed on YouTube, and the White House promised to respond to tweets using the hashtag #SOTU, to posts on the White House’s official Facebook page, and to questions posted on Quora. The White House’s social media storm is set to continue with an upcoming Google+ Hangout, and now Vice President Joe Biden is scheduled to answer questions from Twitter users in his first ever Twitter interview.

To participate, tweet questions using the hashtags #SOTU or #WHchat, and Twitter will be selecting questions for the Vice President to answer. Then on Thursday, January 26th at 1:10p.m. EST, live from Rochester, New Hampshire, where he is set to talk earlier in the day, Biden will respond through the official @VP account. Other administration officials will be answering questions throughout the week.

Fortunately for the White House, it looks like its social media strategy is paying off, at least in terms of engagement. During the State of the Union Address, 766,681 tweets mentioned “State of the Union” or used the hashtag #SOTU.