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This article was published on June 9, 2010

[More] Updates On The Twitter Outage

[More] Updates On The Twitter Outage

Seems odd that when Twitter goes down the Internet comes to a screeching halt.  But that’s a very large trend right now.  Sometimes it’s as if we’ve forgotten how we communicated before the blue bird of happiness.

The Twitter Status update page is keeping us up to date with what’s going on, so make sure you give a look from time to time.  We’d Tweet their updates…but y’know…

We are experiencing site availability issues — additional latency and errors — this morning. We’re working to address these issues.

Update: 9:07 PDT / 16:07 UTC: Users may notice that their timelines are updating slowly. All tweets will eventually be delivered.

Update: 9:32 AM PDT / 16:32 UTC: To help stabilize the site we’re turning off a set of features including but not limited to: Twitter Search, hovercards, web sidebar data (trends, friends counts, etc), and profile image uploads.

Of course, you can also follow @TwitterAPI via the website to get an up to date offering.

Update: According to the status page, all functions should be normal now.  Latency times appear to be getting much better.

Update 2: Twitter is saying that the site is experiencing a recurrence of the issues that caused the outage earlier today.  We’re keeping an eye on it, and will update accordingly.