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This article was published on November 17, 2011

Upcoming tech & media events you should be attending [Discounts & Free Tickets]

Upcoming tech & media events you should be attending [Discounts & Free Tickets]
Sophie Op den Kamp
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Sophie Op den Kamp

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Sophie (SophieODK) is Operations Director at TQ in Amsterdam (TNW's Tech Residency for exceptional startups). Finds good karma in geek-to-pe Sophie (SophieODK) is Operations Director at TQ in Amsterdam (TNW's Tech Residency for exceptional startups). Finds good karma in geek-to-person advocacy. Her motto: "Don't take yourself too seriously, it gives you freaky frown lines."

We’ve updated the listed with lots of new upcoming tech & media events for you, so make sure you clear your schedule. For each event we’ve arranged a special discount. Psst…even an exclusive one for LeWeb in Paris! (Oh lala)

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(*) denotes events we’ll be attending.

Tech World UK, November 16-17, London
TechWorld is the UK’s largest technology event, with top talent, from small businesses to blue chip companies, you will meet a truly global audience to discuss investments, partnerships and deals. It provides access to around 2000 industry decision makers, including technology consultants, chief scientists, venture capitalists and business owners.

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Venture Shift New York, November 17, New York
Venture Shift New York. A shadow venture system has emerged over the past several years as angels have institutionalized, yesterday’s successful multi-millionaire entrepreneurs have become a legitimate capital market, and incubators have re-entered the funding formation process in droves, and a few traditional VCs are turning into mutual funds. This event is ideal for entrepreneurs seeking to understand the new world order of venture financing from start to finish. Super angels/angels and venture capitalists should also join the event to mingle and connect with fellow investors shaping the new era of venture investing.

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Get Together, November 18, London
The Get Together conference is a collaborative conference about technology and its impact for brands or business. With speakers such as Ben Hammersley, Tom Uglow, Matt Locke, Jason Barrett, Stef Bardega, and Tom Saunter, Get Together will deliver some brilliant ideas to an incredibly curious audience. The conference will also support The Get Together Fund (as featured on The Next Web), giving investment, inspiration and support to the UK’s teenagers.

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SES Singapore 2011, November 22-23, Singapore
SES Singapore is the search & social marketing conference helping brands, agencies, and professionals connect, share, and learn what’s next for the interactive industry in South East Asia. Programmed by marketing practitioners for marketing practitioners, our educators will cover everything from starting up your first PPC campaign to the in’s and out’s of developing a successful e-commerce site. So join us and 200 other brands and agencies this November!

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Digital Brand Strategy Summit, November 22, London
The Digital Brand Strategy Summit brings together senior client marketers every year to debate and discuss the impact of digital on brand management. This year the summit will focus on social business – the hot topic amongst thought leaders around the globe. In this years’ summit, we will be showcasing innovative social business thinking and looking at successful case studies from leading brands. The future of social means more than simply having a brand page on Facebook.

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MUSIC techpitch 4.5, November 22, London
The purpose of MUSIC tech pitch 4.5 is to showcase some of the latest music-tech startups in Europe, including some which have taken part in the UKTI pitch-training workshop, and to provide them with a platform to build awareness, gain investment and users in an environment where they can present to and network with industry experts and potential partners. The first MUSIC techpitch 4.5 will take place on 22nd of November starting at 18.30, at EMI’s headquarters in Kensington.

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BBM Hackathon, November 24-25, Amsterdam (sign up till nov 20!)
Blackberry developers pay attention! One of the world’s most collaborative mobile platforms invites a select group of talented developers to join us for a two-day intensive and intimate program to exchange ideas, define, and build the next generation of app experiences with BBM.

Event is free. Still few spots left. grab them fast here

(*)Apps World Europe, November 29-30, London
The 2nd Annual Apps World Europe show, builds on the success of over 2500 people attending the inaugural event. A truly international event, that brings together leading operators and app stores worldwide, and is the first show to draw in parallels between the emergence of the TV app store, and the challenge to pay TV operators. With a free to attend track for developers, the apps world event delves into building your apps marketing plan, developing innovative apps, building partnerships for 2011 and beyond.

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(*)StartupBus, December 6-8, Amsterdamn, Copenhagen, Berlin, Zurich, Paris
This December, the StartupBus phenomenon is coming to Europe. Starting in Amsterdam and ending at Paris in time for the LeWeb conference, StartupBus Europe will be an entrepreneurial competition like no other. Part-hackathon, part-road trip, participants will have 3 days to conceive, build and launch a startup while traveling 100km an hour across the continent before pitching to a panel of top industry figures at LeWeb.

Techpitch 4.5, December 7, London
Techpitch 4.5 is an evening pitch event created by 2Pears, in order to showcase some of the latest tech startups, including some of the startups that have taken part in the 2Pears/UKTI pitch-training workshops in the past 6 months.
The next techpitch 4.5 will be held on 7th December 2011 at Pinsent Mason’s Auditorium in London and will see 8 startups pitching their business to a panel of judges.

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LeWeb, December 7-9, Paris

When Steve Jobs said “PCs are going to be like trucks. They’re still going to be around, they’re still going to have a lot of value, but they’re going to be used by 1 out of X number of people,” he was announcing a new era of computing. It is here and we are in the heat of it! What does that new era really mean? Is the power triangle: Social-Local-Mobile? LeWeb ’11 will explore these and other questions in their jam-packed program featuring industry luminaries, entrepreneurs, investors and other unique perspectives you’ve come to expect from LeWeb.

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*valid till Nov 20, 2011

Interactive Local Media West (ILM West), December 12-14, San Francisco, CA
Interactive Local Media West (ILM West). A new wave of commerce-centric solutions — which encompass location-based services, geotargeting, deals, online coupons, customer engagement and retention solutions — is enabling local advertisers to realize the long-standing promise of local interactive media to promote and grow their businesses. BIA/Kelsey will spotlight this trend — from tools to transactions for “final mile” commerce — at its upcoming conference, Interactive Local Media West (ILM West: Closing the Local Loop), which takes place Dec. 12-14, in San Francisco.

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Music 4.5: The social live music industry – where is the money?, December 13, London
The live music industry is keen to nail that elusive ‘social’ factor to power their business to the next stage and there are a lot of new services out there to help. But, do they deliver?

Speakers include Joe Cohen from Seatwave, Don Jenkins fromTurboWolf and Amazing Media, DIY artist Laura Kidd/SheMakesWar, Jon McIldowie from Mama Group and The Great Escape, and Paul Sampson from EskimoLive.

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2Pears/UKTI Pitch Workshop, January 17, London
The 2Pears/UKTI series of pitch workshops are FREE to attend for Technology/Digital/Mobile/ICT Sector UK-based startups & small/medium sized businesses. It also gives you a chance to possibly pitch to an audience of investors, journalists and peers at a forthcoming techpitch 4.5 event. You can register for the next pitch workshop provided that your company has not previously attended one of these workshops.

Beyond Enterprise 2.0, January 24-25, Amsterdam
Join your peers and learn how some of the biggest brands are energising their organisation for productivity, performance and change. Beyond Enterprise 2.0 is a senior executive event focussing on Internal Communications 2.0, Collaboration, Knowledge Management, Learning Development, Organisational Transformation and More! 8+hours of face-to-face networking opportunities – get to know more people, find new clients and build your network. Learn something new, be inspired by our speakers and gain valuable insights you can take back to the office.

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Innovative e-Marketing 2012, February 1-2, Barcelona, Spain
Innovative e-Marketing 2012. Reinforce your online presence and boost your brand and marketing activities through social media communities and effective email campaigns, to reach your target audience, guarantee customer satisfaction, and achieve maximum ROI for an increased bottom line. Attend Innovative e-Marketing 2012 to learn all this and more. Network with leading experts from FT500 companies responsible for some of the most inspiring online marketing campaigns, and discover how to take your online strategy to the next level. Event hashtag = #cgemk

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Marketing Innovation Awards, February 2nd, London
The Marketing Innovation Awards, now in its second year, is set to return on 2nd February 2012. The Marketing Innovation Awards create a spotlight to recognise and reward those innovative technologies, brands and agencies shaping this dynamic space. New for 2012, seven new award categories have been added, which reflects the growth of innovation within the marketing sector and highlights the new depths marketers are adopting to achieve success. Submit your entry today!

TNW readers will receive a 15% discount to attend both the awards & MI EXPO event using code TNW15 here.

Marketing Innovation EXPO (MI EXPO), February 2nd, London
MI EXPO, a unique innovation showcase set to return in 2012 providing senior marketers’ key insights into the essential technology driven marketing trends for 2012. MI EXPO will help you recognise which technology driven trends you should be adopting and which are just a marketing fad and better left ignored. MI EXPO will showcase the innovative marketers, technology providers, and tools that will explode in 2012. The conference will bring a spotlight on marketing innovation “must haves” to achieve success.

TNW readers get 15% discount using code TNW15 here.

O’Reilly Tools of Change for Publishing Conference, February 13-15, New York
“O’Reilly’s Tools of Change for Publishing Conference (TOC) is where practitioners and executives from publishing and the tech arena come together to navigate publishing’s ongoing transformation. Join them at TOC 2012 as they explore new ideas and share what they’ve learned from their successes and failures, with deeply practical guidance that will help you and your business change/forward/fast with confidence. TOC sells out every year because it focuses on significant new and emerging tools and techniques, and provides deeply practical guidance for publishing in the 21st century.

TNW readers get 15% off registration with discount code: toc12tnw here.

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