This article was published on October 13, 2017

Our upcoming conference in NYC offers real round-table intimacy with industry leaders

Our upcoming conference in NYC offers real round-table intimacy with industry leaders
Annick van Dijk

This year for TNW New York, we’re moving away from the traditional conference format.

Instead of focusing on growing our New York event with more stages and complex production, this year we’ll be aiming for intimacy, making it easier for you to network with the right people.

We’re inviting 1000 executive level attendees in the technology, communication, and media industry to a prime location in the midst of manhattan. There will be a single stage, hosting just nine keynotes, but we’re booking 145 speakers. What will they all be doing?

Round-table sessions.

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There’s room for attendees to register for up to five of the 185 round-table sessions we’re hosting – sessions which are guided by industry experts, covering the technologies and tactics that disruptive companies are using in your industry at this very moment. Only 10 attendees can join a specific table, so prepare for real intimacy..

Show me the sessions

There’s too many to list! You can see all of our confirmed speakers here, but here’s a handful of our favourites:

  • Dennis Crowley, the Co-founder of Foursquare, is coming to show you how their first-party location data enables them to accomplish a lot of analytical feats, like accurately predicting the number of iPhones Apple would sell in a quarter based on foot traffic.
  • People interested in smart fabrics and textiles should join Madison Maxey’s table. As the founder of Loomia, she’s working to weave a layer of intelligence into any sort of textile. Soft, flexible circuits with the ability to sense changes in its environment such as heat and touch: embedded into anything.
  • Natalie Monbiot, SVP Futures for Samsung at Starcom will discuss the new rules of engagement. Mass media channels are no longer a reliable vehicle for reaching audiences at scale, so where are the new places and spaces to identify and connect? And  how do brands generate real value?
  • And if you’re working on a new concept, you might want to join Scott Belsky, who’ll discuss how to craft the first mile of your product. Belsky explores the psychology of customers during their initial use of a new product or service and the common obstacles and strategies a team must employ to successfully scale a product – and business – over time.

Why round-tables?

The reason we’re going in so heavily on small-group sessions during this event, is that we’ve tested this extensively – and we know it works. First, lightly at TNW New York last year, and then with a bigger audience at TNW Conference in Amsterdam last May. The (unsurprising) outcome was incredibly candid, two-way conversations with experts about the way their subject matter affects your business.

Not their business. Your business. It turns out that when you ask experts to speak with an audience, not at an audience, the subject matter instantly becomes a lot more relevant.

And since we’re doing an invite-only event this year – meaning we’re able to handpick the attendees – we can actually guarantee those sessions will contain both great hosts, and great participants.

How can I take part?

From November you’ll be able to pick and choose the tables you’d like to attend. To make it the most fun for everyone, we then present the list with interested attendees to the table host, who will decide on the most suitable table setting. However we’ll guarantee you’ll join at least one of your 3 favourite tables. But trust us. You’ll want to join way more tables than you are physically able to attend.

If you don’t want to miss out, request an invite now!

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