This article was published on September 18, 2012

Twitter’s new mobile apps bring fresh profile views, cover images, and more. iPad app redesigned

Twitter’s new mobile apps bring fresh profile views, cover images, and more. iPad app redesigned

Earlier today, Twitter pushed live new updates for its iPad and iPhone apps, launching version 5.0 and refreshing the user interface, introducing fresh profile views, new photo streams and completely ditching the sidebar.

The new update brings Twitter’s iPad app in line with its iPhone application and after a first play appears to be a lot snappier than the previous version. Interactions load instantly and there are less options to confuse new users.

The Twitter iPad app now only features Home, Connect, Discover and Me tabs on the left hand side and when clicked, do not load the drawer that has been featured in previous updates.


Profiles have been given a makeover and now feature a header photos. They’re very similar to Facebook’s Timelive cover photos, and are different from your profile image. They come to the website, mobile website, iPad and iPhone apps.

Twitter says that they appear “consistently above your Tweets on iPad, mobile apps and, and you can change it anytime.”

Photo streams have also been added to profile pages, meaning you can “remember the moments you’ve shared on Twitter by swiping through your photo stream on your profile or tapping photos to go fullscreen.” Android users will also see this come to the official Twitter for Android app.


While updates have not hit profiles on the website, Today features an image of what the new design will look like:

It’s a small update from Twitter, one that is completely aesthetic and doesn’t include any new operational features. The cover photos will be perfect for brands that want to feature specific products, services or promotions without having to change any additional settings.

While the official websites are showing the original design, you can download the iOS apps today and upload your new cover photo.

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