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This article was published on December 10, 2013

Twitter TV ratings heading to Japan next year in move to attract more advertisers

Twitter TV ratings heading to Japan next year in move to attract more advertisers

Twitter TV ratings are landing in Japan, the company announced today, as it seeks to provide further statistics that can persuade advertisers to place its money on the social networking service.

Twitter has long been popular in Japan — thanks to culture, its mobile focus and a healthy dose of good timing. However, Twitter is up against some serious challenges as it struggles to break through with advertisers in the country — which accounts for under 10 percent of its global revenue.

Twitter is tying up with Dentsu-owned TV audience ratings service Video Research Japan to produce a Twitter TV Index that is scheduled to be released in June next year. It will provide a measure of the reactions to TV programs via tweets, giving advertisers a means to understand the relationship between Twitter and TV.

Last year, Video Research introduced a new rating system based on the volume of mentions from Twitter users — and the Twitter TV Index is an obvious in-depth extension of the working relationship both firms already have.

As Twitter recently became a publicly-listed company, TV is a medium that is vitally important to the company and its appeal to advertisers and, in turn, investors. In October, Nielsen released its Twitter TV ratings, showing that there has been a 38 percent increase in tweets about TV in the US over the last year. In August, a new study from Nielsen concluded that tweets can cause a “significant increase” in viewership of broadcast TV programs 29 percent of the time.

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