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This article was published on March 2, 2021

Twitter now lets Android users try its Clubhouse-like Spaces

Twitter now lets Android users try its Clubhouse-like Spaces

Twitter has been publicly testing its Clubhouse competitor, Spaces, for several months now, but it’s been exclusive to iOS users. Starting today, Android users can get it on the fun.

Like Clubhouse, Spaces gives Twitter users a place where they can actually talk to people using audio. It’s kind of the 2021 take on a conference call – if a conference call is done largely with strangers. It does feature a few unique features too, like AI captions for conversations.

Unfortunately, Twitter isn’t providing the full breadth of the Spaces’ functionality to Android users just yet. Currently, Android users can join and talk in a Space, but can’t create their own room just yet — Twitter says that functionality is coming soon. No word on when it might arrive on the desktop either.

Still, considering there appears to be a significant overlap of Twitter users and Clubhouse fans, moving into this, ahem, space makes a lot of sense for Twitter. Moreover, it’s nice to see the social network finally start branching out; here’s hoping it can keep up the momentum.

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