This article was published on April 1, 2013

Twitter refreshes its business education site in an effort to boost ad dollars

Twitter refreshes its business education site in an effort to boost ad dollars

Twitter has launched a redesigned site geared towards helping businesses and brands monetize their efforts on the 140 character service. Available at, the site now offers businesses educational resources on how to  Tweet, provides case studies by industry and business size, and offers a set of tools to help with marketing.

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When you first begin the process, Twitter will ask information about your business, very much akin to Google AdWords, including where your business is located and what is the estimated monthly budget for digital advertising. The redesigned site also features a 101 section on using Twitter, along with a more advanced marketing section and more.

With increasing buss about an IPO, the the hope is likely that this updated site will encourage more companies to see the value in promoting their products and services on Twitter. In March, CEO Dick Costolo said that the company is focused on helping drive user growth — after all, he said it’s what drives everything.

Recently, Twitter celebrated its seventh birthday and the company has come a long way since the first Tweet was ushered into the world, but as the company has a desire to be more of a media company and a ‘global town square‘, finding ways to reach people has become incredibly important. Brands that jump on the service and start tweeting may not understand how to use Twitter to begin having conversations or interacting with fans, let alone building a community — Twitter aims to solve all of that by not only giving tutorials, but also examples of those brands that have done it well.

While Costolo has publicly said that Twitter is not thinking about an IPO, the move to launch a redesigned site could be the company’s way of appeasing potential investors in the eventual lead up to a possible stock offering. This may be a sign that Twitter is looking to show that it has a way to not only monetize its service but that it’s more than just allowing people to Tweet 140 characters.

Photo credit: NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP/Getty Images