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This article was published on February 8, 2013

Twitter quietly releases lolcat language option for all, kthxbai

Twitter quietly releases lolcat language option for all, kthxbai

It’s Friday. Twitter already had big search announcements on Wednesday and Thursday this week, so now it’s time for a little fun. The company has quietly turned on lolcats as a new language for the site.

To flip the switch yourself, all you have to do is click on this URL: (you can also turn it on in Twitter’s Settings). Tweets, Followers, and Following on profiles stay the same, but everything else changes as so:


On the left-hand side, Tweets become TWEETS, Following becomes FOLLOWIN, Followers become FOLLOWERS, Favorites become FAVORITES, and Lists become LISTS. Not exactly very imaginative.

It seems that most words have simply been capitalized, and some letters are dropped (FIN FRIENDS). The only really notable changes we saw were “View Summary” has been changed to “VIEW SUMMARY. KTHXBYE!” (we think it should be kthxbai) and “More changes” has become MOAR (probably the best one).

Right now the lolcat option doesn’t really stay true to the meme. The good news is that it’s still in beta, so hopefully Twitter will improve it:


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Image credit: Thinkstock