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This article was published on March 10, 2015

Twitter opens an office in Hong Kong, even though it’s banned in China

Twitter opens an office in Hong Kong, even though it’s banned in China

Twitter is opening an office in Hong Kong today, even though the social network is banned in mainland China, reports South China Morning Post.

While the company won’t be able to sign up new users in the country, it will be able to help Chinese businesses market their products and services to users overseas. Twitter’s Hong Kong branch will serve as the head office for the Greater China region.

Asia Pacific vice president Shailesh Rao said, “We’re capitalising on this growing trend where the most ambitious, entrepreneurial and successful Chinese companies want to go global, and we believe that Twitter is an essential way for them to connect and engage with the world.”

Twitter is currently hiring an account executive and a media partnership manager for the new office. The latter will be tasked with building relationships with “high-profile performers” in the entertainment industry, as well as media companies in the region.

This is the second office Twitter has opened in Asia this month — after promising to do so within six months in August, the company set up shop in Jakarta last week.

Twitter opens Hong Kong office for closer ties with Chinese businesses [South China Morning Post via TechCrunch]

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