This article was published on October 11, 2012

Twitter open-sources its recently acquired iOS A/B testing library Clutch

Twitter open-sources its recently acquired iOS A/B testing library Clutch

Twitter acquired the IP and staff of iOS A/B testing company Clutch.IO for its Growth and International team back in August of this year. Now, it has announced that it is open-sourcing the Clutch library on GitHub under Apache Public License 2.0.

Clutch.IO builds a framework that allows developers to quickly test one design against another for speed, usability and more. They also offered hosted services, but will shutter those on November 1st. This open-source code can be used to run your own version of the Clutch service. This fulfills the promise made by co-founders Eric Florenzano and Eric Maguire when the service was acquired.

Twitter’s Manager of Open Source, Chris Aniszczyk, says that releasing the code for Clutch is “just the beginning”. “There are still plenty of areas for improvement from better documentation to an easier setup process,” says Aniszcyk. “Now that the project is publicly available, we look forward to seeing a community blossom and grow the project into something greater.”

If you’re a developer looking to check out Clutch for yourself, you can do so here on GitHub.

Over the last several months, Twitter has snapped up summarization tool Summify in January, followed by security company Dasient. It also acquired AdGrok, a company with an Adwords-style product, in May of last year. Blogging company Posterous sold to Twitter in March.

Image Credit: Tim Moreillon

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