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This article was published on August 13, 2012

Twitter acquires IP, staff of iOS A/B testing company for its ‘Growth and International’ team

Twitter acquires IP, staff of iOS A/B testing company for its ‘Growth and International’ team

Twitter has acquired, a company that builds an iOS framework for A/B testing, the process of quickly testing the effectiveness of one design or feature vs. another. The company made the announcement of its acquisition by Twitter in a blog post. says that its current hosted services will stay active until November 1st. But, if you’d like to continue using the service after it shuts down, you can run your own version of on your own servers, using tools that the company will make available over the coming weeks.

The notice was signed by co-founder Eric Florenzano, as well as Clutch co-founder and designer Eric Maguire. Maguire previously co-founded Convore and held a senior UI designer position at Mochi media. Florenzano also co-founded Convore and acted as its CTO.

Twitter recently acquired the IP of D.C. design studio nClud, and its co-founder Martin Ringlein became Twitter’s new Design Manager.

The acquisition of an iOS A/B testing company, in addition to a design company specializing in mobile, seems to indicate that Twitter is thinking seriously about ways to improve its iOS apps.

Twitter has been making a series of acquisitions over the past several months. It snapped up summarization tool Summify in January, followed by security company Dasient. It also acquired AdGrok, a company with an Adwords-style product, in May of last year, a move that our own Brad McCarty said was all about ‘resonance and relevance’. Blogging company Posterous sold to Twitter in March.

Image Credit: Tim Moreillon

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