This article was published on February 17, 2015

Twitter is launching its Answers analytics tool as a standalone product

Twitter is launching its Answers analytics tool as a standalone product

Twitter is super keen on being more than just a place for your random thoughts on current events. In addition to its Mo Pub ad platform, it’s also going after developers with its Crashlytics service.

Today it announced that the Answers mobile analytics service within Crashlytics is being launched as its own tool in addition to being art of the Crashlytics dashboard and that the service is currently handing five billion sessions a day in real time.

Currently Twitter takes these app sessions and presents them in the Crashlytics dashboard to inform developers on what’s working, and what’s not working (i.e. crashes) in their apps. That’s still available to developers. But, for other team members, Answers is also available solo.

By spinning it out as its own product, the idea is to make the data available to other people in a company that want to know how an iOS or Android app is performing in the real world without bogging them down in the entire Crashlytics suite.

In a post about today’s news, Twitter said:

Our goal for Answers is to create a dashboard that makes understanding your user base dead simple so you can spend your time building amazing experiences, not digging through data.

Answers has only been around for seven months so the news that its handling five billion sessions a day is less about the number of sessions (which is pretty substantial), but more about how the company is reaching out to the developer world and actually getting developers to use its tools.

➤ Answers: Not just for developers anymore [Twitter]

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