This article was published on September 9, 2010

Twitter Launches New Site To Cover Fashion Week

Twitter Launches New Site To Cover Fashion Week

Twitter seems to have no problem building microsites to cover big events. The World Cup was given its own site. Now that has been followed by the New York Fashion Week.

What does the site do? Twitter has partnered with numerous companies involved with fashion (like Womens Wear Daily and Bergdorfs) to create and curate content for a small website to track news and user opinion on New York Fashion Week.

To support the whole event a new Twitter account has been created. Named @nyfw, It promises to be a “Twitterista,” that is “Back Stage, Front Row, Right Now.” If you are into fashion, you might find it very interesting.

In tech-speak Twitter has launched a portal for a massive clothing show with the support (or at the prodding) of major fashion companies to promote and spread the conversation that surrounds the whole ordeal. New York Fashion Week kicked off today and will continue until the September 16. For Twitter users into high-fashion, the portal should provide engaging content.

For everyone not into the fashion scene, this is merely an example of Twitter partnering with large companies and events to bolster its penetration in non-traditional areas. Twitter desperately wants to break further into mainstream culture. This is one of that desire’s byproducts.

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