This article was published on February 18, 2016

Twitter just made it much easier to contact businesses and provide feedback

Twitter just made it much easier to contact businesses and provide feedback

Twitter is on something of a streak this weak. After adding a GIF button and introducing video in Direct Messages, now it’s adding two features aimed specifically at businesses and their interactions with customers.

First up, Twitter now allows businesses to provide deep links in their tweets to allow customers to privately message them. The link will make a ‘Send a Private Message’ button show up in the Tweet, and while it doesn’t seem to provide anything particularly different from the standard Direct Messaging features, it makes starting these conversations more of a seamless process.

More interesting is the new Customer Feedback tool, which provides a structured way for companies to survey users. It’s a standard feedback survey, allowing you to rate a company’s performance through either the Customer Satisfaction (CSat) or Net Promoter Score (NPS) question formats.

In layman’s terms that’s either “How happy are you with ____?” or “How likely are you to recommend ____ to a friend?”, repectively, scored from 1 to 10. And while part of the beauty of Twitter is the rawness of its conversations, having a numerical value to go off ofis a simpler way for businesses to assess customer happiness.

With today’s update – and as promised during its Flight conference earlier in the year – the company is trying to capitalize on its strengths with businesses. The public discourse between businesses and customers is one of the more unique things about Twitter as a social network, and providing better tools for companies to interact with client could help attract and retain more users on the network.

If you’re a business or brand looking to try out the new features, deep links for direct messaging is available to everyone today, while the Customer Feedback tool “will begin rolling out to select brands over the next few weeks.”

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