This article was published on October 19, 2010

Twitter introduces the Twitter Tips blog

Twitter introduces the Twitter Tips blog

Those Twitter folks are a nice bunch. No, really, they’re some genuinely friendly people who really care about what Twitter does and what it can do.

In order to move their efforts forward, the team has gone so far as to introduce a new series of blog posts known as Twitter Tips. There’s a hashtag for #TwitterTip on the post, so chances are that they’re taking ideas for blog posts moving forward, as well:

We’ll explain features that average Twitterers may not know about and open doors to discovery on our site. Through these tips, we hope to enhance your experience of our product.

The first foray into Twitter Tips? How to better browse accounts by interest. There are some great ideas in there, including how to narrow down people by Twitter’s built-in features. The entry show you how to use Browse Interests, Who to Follow and even category suggestions. This should be highly useful stuff for the new Twitter user.

Give it a look, then suggest it to your friends who might be new to the service. Have an idea for the blog? I bet @Twitter would love to hear it.