This article was published on November 1, 2016

Twitter adds Quick Replies to Direct Messages for faster customer service

Twitter adds Quick Replies to Direct Messages for faster customer service

For all the talk of doom and gloom regarding Twitter’s future, there are some things the platform does better than anyone. Recently it’s been strengthening its position as a convenient platform to connect businesses and consumers, and now the company is doubling down on that effort with a couple of new features to optimize customer service.

First up, businesses can now set up welcome messages to help set up expectations. It means the customer doesn’t have to imitate conversation, so they serve as icebreakers to get people started. For example:


At the bottom, you see the other, more interesting update: Quick Replies. These are essentially multiple choice options to help make it easier for customers to know what kind of questions they can ask online. You could track an order, get more information about a product, or talk directly to an agent.

Of course you could just ask these questions yourself, but Quick Replies helps add a discovery element as people might not know what type of questions they can ask on Twitter.

Having a few presets also means brands can be ready to reply to specific questions more quickly, reducing wait times overall. In the tracking example above, asking for your order status could simply lead to an automated response, without having to resort to talking to an actual person (although you’d still have the option to).

Twitter is essentially trying to bridge the gap between the bots we see on Facebook and chatting with actual humans. For its part, the company says that customers who receive responses on their tweets to businesses are willing to spend 3 to 20 percent more on a product – that human connection goes a long way.

Businesses looking to set up Welcome Messages and Quick Replies can check out the source link below.

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