This article was published on February 28, 2018

Twitter adds new features to bookmark and share your favorite tweets

Twitter adds new features to bookmark and share your favorite tweets

Twitter today announced it’s rolling out a new Bookmark option for tweets, as well as a new way of sharing them with friends.

First spotted last October, the Bookmark option lets you save tweets in a private list. This way, you can save tweets, links, and threads for later perusal — particularly useful if you’re like me and find twenty interesting links while browsing Twitter during a five-minute break and can’t afford to go down the rabbit hole in the moment.

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Up to now, Twitter users had the “Like” heart, which would technically save your tweet to a list on your profile. But in practice the Like functions more like an endorsement, since that list is part of your public profile. Only you’ll be able to see your Bookmarks, making it more useful for users who don’t feel like putting every tweet they like out for everyone to see.

Twitter is also adding a new “Share” option to tweets. Replacing the envelope icon — which was for sharing via DMs — with a more standard “arrow in a box,” the Share option now includes sharing via DMs, saving tweets to Moments, and sharing via outside apps such as email. This menu is also where you’ll find the Bookmark option.

Bookmarks roll out today for Android, iOS, and Twitter’s mobile site.

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