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This article was published on March 22, 2018

    TNW’s Big Spam: Vladimir Putin’s golden face near your crotch

    TNW’s Big Spam: Vladimir Putin’s golden face near your crotch

    Happy. Thursday. I guess.

    Top trending tech news:

    📣 Zuckerberg responds to Cambridge Analytica scandal (TNW)

    🖥️ Slack now lets your boss read your DMS (TNW)

    😮 IG now lets you link hashtags in your bio (TNW)

    What we’re talking about:

    Bitcoin’s blockchain is full of content that can land you in jail. Research published by Germany’s RWTH Aachen University shows that it could be storing anything from sexual abuse of children to copyrighted material.

    You can now own a golden iPhone X with Putin’s face on it for the low low price of $4,700. I’ll take 10.

    The case of Cambridge Analytica shows how bad science, stolen data, and machine learning created a toxic stew designed to radicalize the American people. The company’s success is no more admirable than a serial killer’s body count.

    Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said that Bitcoin will become the world’s single currency within the next 10 years.

    …speaking of men dong bold things with people’s money, drug lord Pablo Escobar’s brother just launched his own cryptocurrency: Diet Bitcoin. He also claimed Bitcoin was created by the American government.

    This guy abused his smartphone’s battery for years. Now he doesn’t charge it ’til 100%.

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