This article was published on February 12, 2018

TNW’s Big Spam: Inside Instagram’s foot fetish community

TNW’s Big Spam: Inside Instagram’s foot fetish community

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Top trending tech news:

? Government websites have quietly been running crypto coin mining scripts (TNW)
Russian election meddling is up for ad awards
? Alibaba invested another $1.3 billion in offline retail (TechCrunch)

What we’re talking about:

A security researcher discovered thousands of legitimate websites have been lowkey running scripts forcing visitors’ computers to mine cryptocoins. Many of the sites belong to local governments and government agencies.

Got a design mock-up that you need converting into HTML and CSS? Here’s how to get AI to do it for you.

Falcon Heavy is a fully reusable middle finger to the environment.

Today smartphones rule our lives, but tomorrow they could affect our ability to get a job or housing. Smartphone data tracking is even creepier than you think.

“People are buying and selling photos of their feet on the same app where your mom posts blurry pictures of pasta.” The Outline goes inside Instagram’s foot fetish community.

Madagascar has a hi-tech waterless toilet that charges your phone.

A PSA: pay your devs.

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