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This article was published on November 5, 2018

This Day in Deals: Get $20 off speakers to salute Art Garfunkel

But definitely not Paul Simon

This Day in Deals: Get $20 off speakers to salute Art Garfunkel
2.1 speaker system
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This Day In Deals is our new section where we share a historical fact and the day’s best deal – and try to connect them. The aim? To enrich ourselves financially, and you spiritually.

You know Simon & Garfunkel. Everyone does. There are literal bricks that can probably hum along to Mrs. Robinson

While you might be familiar with the folk group’s music, you might not know that today is one of its member’s birthdays. So, let’s take this moment to all wish Art Garfunkel a happy birthday!

Happy birthday, Art!

Actually, while we’re at it, let’s share a picture of Mr. Garfunkel:

What a smoulder. What a musician. What a man. So, if we want to celebrate his 77th (?!) birthday, what should we do?

Yes, listening to his music is a great way to celebrate him. But how should we listen to his music? What should we listen to it on? Well, how about a Dell 2.1 Speaker System?

And you know what? How about you take a sweet $20 off its price? That means the speaker system is only going to set you back $49.99. Bargain.

The set is compact, meaning in can fit in well with almost any home or work set-up. It also has something called Waves Maxx Audio, which, and I quote, “delivers deep, enhanced bass with the down-firing subwoofer and impressive sound.” I’m sold.

Plus, have you checked out how that subwoofer looks? It’s like a badass alien egg. How could that fail to make all those Simon & Garfunkel songs sound even sweeter?

So, happy 77th birthday, Art Garfunkel. Thank you for your gift of gorgeous music. And thank you too, technology, for making reasonably-priced speakers we can listen to music on.

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