This article was published on March 29, 2017

These are the Congressmen who voted in favor of selling your internet data

These are the Congressmen who voted in favor of selling your internet data
Bryan Clark
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Bryan Clark

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After voting in favor of repealing Obama administration FCC guidelines protecting consumer privacy on the internet, all that’s left to kill your online privacy for good is President Trump signing it into law.

Spoiler alert: he’s expected to do just that.

Since grassroots political action is a powerful tool, it’s important to know who allowed such a detrimental repeal to happen in the first place. There are 34 seats up for grab in the Senate and 434 in the House of Representatives. Use this information wisely.

First up, the Senate, which passed the resolution last week. The vote occurred along party lines, and passed 50-48. All but two Republicans voted in favor of its passage. The two who didn’t vote in favor abstained from the vote entirely. No Democrat or Independent party representative voted in favor of the bill.

You can see where your Senator voted here.

Next, today’s vote in the House of Representative. The vote was a contentious one, but once again followed party lines closely with 215 Republicans in favor, and 15 opposed. Democrats unanimously voted along party lines with all 195 voting to keep the existing guidelines in place.

You can see where your Representative voted here.

No matter where you stand on the passage of Senate Joint Resolution 34 (S.J.Res.34), the deed is done once Trump signs it into law. All you can do at this point is reach out to your politician to voice your opinion — something Facebook’s new ‘Town Hall’ tool helps with.

And remember, mid-term elections are in 2018, get out and vote.

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