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This article was published on April 7, 2021

The Winston Privacy Filter crushes the ads, trackers, and data theft that’s strangling your home WiFi

The Winston Privacy Filter crushes the ads, trackers, and data theft that’s strangling your home WiFi
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TLDR: The Winston Privacy Filter cloaks all your home WiFi traffic, blocking ads, trackers and other data collection while encrypting all your web activity to make you virtually invisible online.

You might think most of your home WiFi bandwidth is eaten up by media consumption like streaming video, podcasts, or that 6-hour YouTube binge. It plays its part, but what’s actually taking up almost half of your home internet activity is junk you didn’t ask for and, in most cases, really don’t want.

Stuff like ads. And trackers. And cookies. And logging. And telemetry services. All this online stuff that website owners and marketers use to try and geo-target you and all your buying habits. They tax your device CPU, slow down the time it takes to render pages in your browser, and just create way more communication between your devices and the web than you need. In fact, you don’t need almost any of it.

Winston can save you. It’s the always-enthusiastic bouncer who stands guard over your entire home network, ready to lay the smack down on any and all ads, trackers, and other unnecessary data transfers that slow down your web connection and make users and their vital information vulnerable. Right now, the Winston Privacy Filter is available for $20 off the regular price at only $179 from TNW Deals.

Winston is a hardware device that installs between your home modem and ISP router, then throws a blanket of protection over every device in your network, blocking ads, trackers, and data transfers that slow your web access and steal your data. And Winston doesn’t just safeguard laptops and phones. It’s covering every web-enabled device in your house, including smart TV, smart thermostats, smart refrigerators…everything.

But Winston is more than just an ad blocker. The device goes a step further, not only knocking out marketer attempts to catalogue you, but fully encrypting all of the network web traffic, routing over a zero-logging, proprietary distributed Privacy Mesh network that cloaks your location and identity from anyone peeping on your network.

Winston is a beast, swatting back hidden first and third-party tracking cookies as well as sophisticated browser fingerprinting techniques that can track you even in incognito mode. Winston also protects against DNS rebinding attacks, blocks annoying popups, and monitors all incoming and outgoing traffic to help increase your browsing speed. 

The Winston Privacy Filter is also a one-time purchase, so unlike VPN services that don’t safeguard an entire network, Winston requires no subscription fees. Regularly $199, get protected now for only $179 while this offer lasts.

Prices are subject to change.