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This article was published on October 22, 2015

The (next) Next Web

The (next) Next Web
Matthew Hussey
Story by

Matthew Hussey

Commissioning Editor

Matt Hussey was the former Editor-in-Chief for The Next Web. Previously he worked on the launch of Wired UK, ShortList and Mr Porter. He's b Matt Hussey was the former Editor-in-Chief for The Next Web. Previously he worked on the launch of Wired UK, ShortList and Mr Porter. He's been an active contributor to GQ, FHM, Men's Health, Yahoo, The Daily Telegraph and maintains a blog on Huffington Post

Hello, world. As some of you may know I’ve become the new Editor-in-Chief of what I think is the best website in all internet-dom.

In order to help dissipate my excitement at being given such an amazing opportunity to work with some of the smartest, funniest writers I’ve ever met, I wanted to share with you a glimpse of where I’d like to take this site of ours.

Technology – and reporting on it – has become so vast there is no real way of describing what it is or how we go about covering it. It’s not just hardware, software, launches, talks, startups, entrepreneurial insights and life hacks. It’s everything. It’s what it means to be a person today. And we’re going to try and reflect that.

News has changed. It is no longer just the what, the where, the how and the why. The news today can be irreverent, silly and even flippant. It’s why big, legacy media brands struggle to consistently write pieces that people go bat-shit over.

It’s about how we feel about something. Technology on its own is boring and repetitive. Technology with context, real human context is endlessly fascinating.

It’s posts like why Drake’s drunk dad dancing works on every track. It’s a hot take on a phone looking exactly like its competitor (and the choice of URL). It’s how technology enables people to care for sick animals. 

Of course, we all still want to know the facts. The Next Web will still tell you what products and services are coming (and when), but I think we should also tell you what it all means.

Technology has invaded every conceivable aspect of what it means to be a functioning human today, and The Next Web is going to try and hold up a mirror to that relationship.

I’m sure you’ve already started to see small glimpses of the personalities that work at this place. And, if I could, I’d just make our Slack public as it’s a bloody hoot.

But I can’t, so the team and I will do it through our writing. The Next Web doesn’t want to be a detached, faceless URL that you dip into and out of to find out how much something costs and where you can get it from.

We want it to be a place where you can see and be part of how technology affects all of us, and hopefully learn a thing or two along the way.

So, get ready for the all new but still familiar The Next Web. We’d love it if you came with us on this grand experiment, and if you want to get in touch and share your thoughts, or just put curse words in all caps (because I genuinely fucking love that), come find me at [email protected]

Join us.